Dhaka Event Planner rents Big LED Video Wall Screens anywhere in Bangladesh. Due to years of experience and extensive collections of LED Walls, we are ready to make your Event outstanding. From Live Streaming on social media to simple presentations, we have all kinds of technologies and logistics to make your Event stand out. We guarantee the best quality screen as well as a competitive price.

example of LED Wall Screen at Hotel Le Meridian in Dhaka

What is an LED Video Wall Display?

An LED Video Wall Screen comprises numerous LED Panels or Blocks arranged to create the illusion of a single large video screen. These displays are commonly found in stadiums, corporate events, and other public venues to enhance viewer experience. We offer two types of LED Screen rentals for both indoor and outdoor applications. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a permanent installation for your property, you can also explore purchasing options from the top-rated LED Screen Sellers in Bangladesh.

Type of LED Screen Rental we offer in Bangladesh:

  1. LED Screen for Corporate Event
  2. LED Screen for Outdoor Advertising
  3. LED Screen Van for Road Advertising
  4. LED Screen for Presentation
  5. LED Screen for Virtual and Hybrid Event
  6. LED Screen for Live Streaming Event
  7. LED Screen for Exhibition Stand Booth
  8. LED Screen for Fashion Show
  9. LED Screen for Sports
  10. LED Screen for Concerts

Popular Usage of LED Wall Screens in Conference Events in Bangladesh:

  1. LED Backdrop on Stage
  2. LED Side Wings on Stage
  3. The Middle Side of the large venue

Type of LED Screen Rental in Bangladesh based on Size:

We are capable of constructing LED Wall Screens in various sizes tailored to your specifications. For optimal viewing experience, we recommend sizes that adhere closely to the 16:9 aspect ratio. These include 6ft/8ft, 6ft/10ft, 8ft/12ft, 8ft/14ft, 10ft/16ft, and 12ft/20ft LED screens. Additionally, we offer custom sizes to accommodate specific Event Stage Design requirements.

Type of LED Screen Rental in Bangladesh based on Shape:

  1. Plain LED Video Wall Screen
  2. Curved LED Video Wall Screen

Type of LED Video Wall rental in Bangladesh based on Pixel Pitch(P):

  1. P3.9 LED Screen
  2. P4 LED Screen
  3. P5 LED Screen
  4. P6 LED Screen
  5. P7 LED Screen
  6. P8 LED Screen
  7. P9 LED Screen
  8. P10 LED Screen

Type of Event Logistics Rental Services:

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have various types of Screen Options.
  2. We always set up everything in time.
  3. Our teams are experienced.
  4. We have been listed as the Best LED Screen rental company in Dhaka for our past outstanding reviews at TopRatedFirm.com and Event Expert.

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